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Hayat Hospital

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Cancer in Egypt

Cancer is a national problem in Egypt as it is the second cause of death after cardiovascular diseases. Lung cancer is considered as the most common among men, while breast Cancer is considered the most common among women. The infection rates of 500 new cases each year per 100,000 citizen. “Prof. Dr. Hussein Khaled, Former Minister of Higher Education and Former National Cancer Institute Dean” Although we have a lack of a certified official registry for cancer patients, there are serious steps to create this registry. However, according to the national cancer registry program “NCRP”, By 2050, a 3-fold increase in incident cancer, relative to 2013 is estimated.


To be the best reference and example when creating any medical complex in Egypt and be the destination for all expertise in all medical and correlated areas and to offer all cancer patients (children and adults) all the therapeutic service based on modern science totally free of charge.


To contribute to the treatment of cancer patients in Alexandria and surrounding provinces cooperating with the Egyptian armed forces through designing and building an integrated medical complex on the highest standards using the latest technology and interconnection with similar medical campuses and complexes, sharing the knowledge and science with Oncology experts within Egypt and around the globe and uniting the efforts against Cancer.

Values that Govern our Work
  • Love, literature, respect, freedom, science, proficiency, social justice, professional performance
  • Innovation, excellence, positive attitudes, accountability and responsibility
  • Cooperation and integration, acceptance of others, institutional teamwork
  • Transparency and credibility
# Therapeutic services Number of patients per year.
1 Chemo Therapy 60,000
2 Radiotherapy 70,000
3 Out patient clinics 13,000
4 Physiotherapy 33,000
5 Surgery 20,000
6 Resident Patients 84,000
Total 280,000
4 Linear accelerators.
2 CT simulator.
1 Pet simulator.
1 CT Scanner.
1 closed MRI.
Open MRI.
2 Schematic treatment systems.
1 cyber Knife.
2 chemotherapy preparation rooms.
1 Gamma Camera.
4 Ultra Sound.
1 2D Simulator.
1 Plane X-Ray.
m.Digital Mammogram
stereo tactic biopsy.
2 128-Slice CT scanner.
8 operating rooms.
1 Robotic operating room
10 Bone Marrow transplant beds.
200 chemotherapy infusion units.
3 preparation rooms.
100 Beds for adults.
50 ICU beds.
50 Beds For Children.
20 Palliative care beds.
Entertainment area for children
Dpt of Physiotherapy .
Blood Bank
Pathology Laboratory.
Nuclear Laboratory
Chemical Laboratory and Microbiology Laboratory.
20 Outpatient clinics.
Advanced Research Center in association with The Institute of Cancer Research in London.
  • Ideal model of cooperation between the Egyptian armed forces and civil society institutions.
  • 5 provinces covered a population exceeding 15 million citizens, comprehensive medical service in the field of cancer treatment, which decreases the burden of the Egyptian government.
  • The hospital aims at creating job vacancies which exceeds 5,000 opportunity during the execution period , and about 1500 job opportunity at the hospital after its completion.

Why Hayat Hospital ?

Completely Free

The hospital will be the first completely Free Hospital with treatment of children and adults.

Optimal utilization of space

The hospital will be designed by one of the largest USA companies specialized in the latest methods of design and construction, which take into account the optimal utilization of space and providing the best therapeutic services.

Uses international environmental standards

The hospital will be built in regard to the international environmental standards

Relying on solar power

The hospital will be designed to reduce electricity and rely on solar power and renewable energy sources

Largest integrated center for treatment of cancer

The hospital will be the largest integrated center for treatment of cancer in Alexandria and will be serving the Lower Delta in particular, and patients from all over the country in general.

Serve all cancer patients

The hospital will receive and serve all cancer patients, with no regard to gender or political or religious affiliations. The hospital will provide medical service, according to the latest modern science of treatment protocols.

Latest therapeutic technologies

The hospital will be using the latest therapeutic technologies in the world.


The hospital will be including a Physiotherapy Department specialized in treating cancer patients, the first of a kind in Egypt.

Psychological treatment

The hospital will be including a psychological treatment for cancer patients to provide their services at the discovery of the disease and during treatment and after recovery and during the period of follow-up

Palliative care

The hospital will be the first hospital in Egypt offering free Palliative care to relief as well as hosting overdue cases

Hotel for patients and their companions

The hospital will be including a hotel for patients and their companions with a capacity of 50 beds.

Research center

The hospital will include a research center for diseases, cancers and tumors inside the hospital, which offers the opportunity to attract the best scientific minds from around the world in this field and share experiences with other research centers abroad.

Training Center

The hospital will be including a specialized training center to train the nursing and rehab staff to deal with cancer patients, as the center will be offering a helping hand for each specialized hospitals in cancer treatment to train their nursing crew in order to overcome the lack of specialized nursing in Egypt.